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Tuan-n88 08-08-2012 08:43 AM

Wiring Questions
Alright... I have a 2-gang electrical box, one switch controls the ceiling fan and the other switch controls two outlets (so four plugs). I've been remodeling my house and just installed some rope light in some crown molding. I connected the two rope light together and ran the romex wire down to the box. I also bought a new double switch (which will have three switches in the box). Where am I suppose to go with this to get my rope light to work? The original wires that's in the electrical box right now is a black and black for the ceiling fan and a red and black for the outlets. People said to keep all the outlets hot and connect the black and red in the outlets so I could use that loop. Does that sound right? I opened up my outlets and saw two white wires, two red wires, and two blacks wires. Which one do I connect? Hopefully that make sense to someone.

Additional information: the rope light brand is Hampton Bay and the original plug has a fuse. Does that matter?

MisterZ 08-08-2012 09:09 AM

Pretty sure these are supposed to be plugged in and use the controls that came with it.
Wiring a device against manufacturer design can be highly dangerous.

If this uses an outlet, plug them into a switched outelt.
If they can be hard wired, what do the instructions say?

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