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fhunter 04-18-2005 09:59 AM

Wiring pendant light using existing receptacle
I am finishing my basement. And am attempting to add a pendant light and switch, using an existing receptacle as the power source. This receptacle has both sets of terminals used.
First question - I can still use it, but pigtail new wiring, right?

I have tried wiring this pendant and light fixture two different ways - one where the receptacle would be the power source for the light and then the switch would feed from the light; and have the power source run to the switch first, then the light would feed from the switch. I want this switch to operate only the light, not the receptacle.

After both attempts, the circuit tester, says I have the hot/ground reversed. What have I done wrong and how can I wire this correctly?

Fhunter:( :confused:

MgMopar 08-21-2005 03:31 PM

The white wire will run from the source (i.e. your outlet) all the way directly to your fixture. The white wire will generally connect to a silver screw unless otherwise marked on your fixture (or it has wire leads to connect to). The colored wire or many times black (but never green) will be routed threw your switch and then continue on to you fixture. To a brass colored screw unless otherwise marked. If you are using the circuit tester on the outlet and it is reading wrong then it was previously wired wrong and should be corrected hope this helped if you still have questions fell free to ask. If I had a photo or drawing of it, I would post it. I picture would probably help a lot.;) :D

fhunter 08-23-2005 08:36 AM

Thanks a lot for replying. After one more try, I had already figured it out. Also, realized the gfci outlet that was my source was bad. Rewired the pendant and replaced the outlet and all is good. Thanks!

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