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rickp47 01-19-2011 03:35 PM

Wiring new Heat Pump Fan Motor
I'm replacing my outdoor heat pump fan motor (fasco D917) and capacitor (Run Capacitor, 35/5 MFD, 370 VAC, Round). The heat pump is an older Goodman. The new fan motor has a white, brown, brown w/white stripe and black wire. On the side of the motor it says to put the (1) brown wire to capacitor (2) brown/white wire to 5mfd 370 vac (3) white to (com) line (4) black to (hi) line. It also says to connect in numerical order.
Any idea where these are going? I understand the white going to the com lead on the capacitor, but after that I'm just not sure, especially the brown/white going to 5 mfd 370 vac?

Shauni 01-19-2011 05:12 PM

The MFD part is just a measure of capacitance. Don't let that confuse you. The brown and brown white go to the cap. The white to your neutral. They specifiy black last because that has potential on it and they are covering their butts even with the breaker off.

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