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consultant 03-07-2010 06:52 PM

Wiring Motion Sensor Electronic Lighting Switch
I have a motion sensor switch on my garage lights. I recent replacement my magnetic ballast fixtures with electronic as the magnetic ones were not turning on during very cold days. I found out my motion sensor is only compatible with magnetic ballasts. So I purchased a Leviton ODS0D-IDX\W Occupancy Sensor. I am not sure how to hook it up. The previous sensor was easy, I just removed the light switch which had a green going to ground and then two wires one going to red and the other to black. The motion sensor wired the same way.

This sensor has a lot more wires. Here is the wording straight from the manual:

Black wire to Line (phase 1) which it shows as Hot (Black) on the wiring diagram. One Red wire to Line (phase 2). If only one phase is used, connect black and red together. The remaining Red wire to BANK 2. Blue wire to LOAD (or Bank 1).

It shows in the diagram both the Red and Blue going to White (Neutral) so I'm not sure why the instructions say Bank 1 and Bank 2, there are no "Banks" labeled on the diagram.

I have two switches in my electrical box. One is the garage lights and the other is the hall lights in which another switch in the house also operates. What I have in the electrical box is green ground, two pairs of a black and a red (one goes to the garage light switch the other to the hall light switch), and a big clump of white all connected together.

I think what is confusing is the previous switch didn't connect to the white. My interpretation is red and blue need to go to white, black to black, and then the second red from the sensor to where? The only free wire is the red so is the red wire in the box considered Line (phase 2)?

Here's the diagram:

brric 03-07-2010 07:17 PM

There is no neutral connection for you switch. The neutral shown on the diagram is connected to the load. Assuming the load of your lights is less than the maximum for this switch these connections should work. Red and black(phase1 & phase 2) connect to the hot wire in your switch box. This is the wire fed to the switch box from the breaker or fuse, probably the black wire in your switch box but there is no way for me to be sure. The blue wire (load 1) goes to the other wire in your switch box, probably the red. The other red wire on the switch is unused and should be capped off or taped. The green wire goes to the bare wire in the switch box.

kbsparky 03-07-2010 07:19 PM

According to those instructions, you have a multi-circuit unit, and are attempting to use it as a single unit.

This may be possible by connecting it as follows:

Black "hot" to your incoming black hot wire.

Blue load wire to your garage light (red wire?)


Cap off the red wires on your motion control separately with wire-nuts and do not use.

Ensure your green is connected to your ground wires.

Instructions say there is no minimum load requirement for this device.

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