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mark_anderson_u 11-02-2010 09:06 AM

Wiring Lights and Running Multiple Circuits in Conduit
Hi Guys

I'm about to embark on a kitchen remodel and will be doing all wiring myself.

I have a couple of questions about wiring can lights and running multiple circuits in one conduit.

Light wiring.
My current lights look like they were wired 30-40 yeas ago (some kind of AC with cloth insulation, which is very brittle). The hot wire runs up through the switch to the fitting. In England we always run the to the fitting and then a switch leg. is there a preferred/better way of doing it?

There will be two rows of 3 cans each running parallel to joists

My current plan is to run power through the two switches to a JB and split into 2 "branches". Branch 1 will go to the left 3 lights and branch 2 will go to the right. Something like this, but going to a JB after switch 2 and splitting in to two end of run branches.

Any problems with this approach?

Multiple Circuits in Same Conduit
I'm planning to run my one of my 20A small appliance circuits in the same conduit as 15A general purpose circuit. RHS of kitchen has cabinets (small appliance circuit) and LHS is empty wall (general purpose). The panel is on the far right, so I want to run both circuits through studs in pipe (in Chicago :mad:). I was planning to run the pipe at the height of the center of the boxes and use offset fittings in and out of each box. So my first box will have the wires coming in, and be pigtailed to the receptacle and back out for the small appliance circuit.

The general purpose 15A circuit in the same pipe will continue through this and 4 other boxes before dropping to 12" or so from floor. So, do I just run the 15A wires (uncut) through the box where I pig-tailed the SA circuit? I've never seen this done before, but have never owned a house with an adequately wired kitchen. :)



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