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Originally Posted by Red Squirrel View Post
Hmm no basement and 2 story makes this hard, but do you have crown molding or intention of installing some? You could use wiremold to run the wiring and try to stick to corners, then cover up with crown molding. Normally I would suggest to have a patch panel somewhere but easier said then done if you don't have ability to fish the wires where you need.

You can get the wiring, jacks and plates for cheap at monoprice.com.
Actually he can do it without wire mold, by cutting the dry wall at the top & at the plate, but even better if he can go through the ceiling of a first floor space such as utility room, laundry room, a unused closet, with one run for the second floor to a switch for those runs.

You run the first floor from a patch panel that connects to the switch, which in turn to the router, to the plates. The second floor, you run a single run from the router to the switch, which is your backbone, then from the switch to a patch panel to the runs that run from the attic down the walls to the plates.

First floor is more fun, because that means if you want to do it right, you pull everything through the ceiling to the walls, then down the walls through holes drilled, so you can pull to the plates. That means going back and patching the drywall where you cut to pull. Commercial is easier, because it is just move tiles, pull the runs, then pull down the conduit to the boxes for the plates, or in some cases, you just drop down the wall and use LV pates for the wall plates to attach.


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Originally Posted by vseven View Post
Please learn more about DD-WRT before making untrue statements. I get transfer rates of 80 - 90 Mbps between my DD-WRT flashed routers and it's a great solution for home users just like mdawson3k that can't find a good way to run a wire but still wants the speed of a wire.

More info on getting the max speed out of N-Band: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=60374

General info on DD-WRT: http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index

I do run DD-WRT and am familiar with Tomato as well. The best real-life wireless speed out of it is about 100mbps, which is still far too slow when transfering 500GB back and forth regularly (keep in mind the diff between bits and byte)... Otherwise, that would have solved it!
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WiFi 802.11n 2x2 at 5 Ghz will get you the fastest goodput of upwards of 80-100/mbps fairly reliably. 5 Ghz will reduce competition for the air media. The AP will need to be able to keep up and have a gig wire ethernet connection. For moving files computer to computer of the size spec'ed I would put in wired gig Ethernet wherever possible.


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