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plunkinberry 03-12-2009 11:44 AM

wiring help - subpanel?
OK, the reason I'm here was based on direction when I asked a question at another site...

My wife bought a pool that will be installed within the next month or so. In preparation of this pool, I need to run electric to the site. I plan to provide a feed from my detached garage/shop/barn. It is approximately 180 feet from the barn to the pool site - I figure I'd allow about another 20 or so feet to get through the building wall and into the panel, and to allow some movement from a temporary post to where ever the final location needs to be once the pool is installed (I will have to build a deck around a part of it and plan to mount it in a protected area under the deck).

Initially, I thought it'd be as simple as running 12-2 and sticking an outlet on a post. I've been told that the pool filter and pump requirements are important - but I don't have that information right now. And, the distance is an issue as well. When I started explaining more, suggestions for lights and electric outlets at the deck started - and they make good sense. So now it looks like a sub panel would be a good idea.

I've done a lot of wiring (residential) but never run a sub panel, have never done any outside work - I'm pretty sure I can get a weather proof panel; and don't know what I should be asking.

Without the filter and pump load information - all I was told was that the pump is 110v and probably 12A - and assuming that I may add a light or a radio to the deck, what should I be looking to do?

How big a sub panel should I plan for? What size breaker will be required in the existing panel to support this? What wire size? Anything else?


Clutchcargo 03-12-2009 12:02 PM

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If it were me, I'd just run single 12-3 wire for a 20AMP multi-wire branch circuit. That will give you a total of 40 amps and you would have a dedicated circuit for the pump.

Edit: I didn't take into account the 200' of wire. You'll probably need something larger than 12-3 for that run.

plunkinberry 03-12-2009 01:37 PM

The pool folks said the pump is a 15A, 110v model. This has some type of twist lock outlet that won't, probably, be for anything else. Figuring on a light of some sort and one standard outlet to be able to plug in a radio or similar item - pool vacuum maybe? What would be the needs?

Starting with those minimums... what about going overboard? Long term, I have considered a pavillion of some sort up on top of the hill. Would it make sense to overdo the wire and subpanel now to accommodate future loads? Or am I just making this far to complicated?

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