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kimchidaddy 01-12-2009 02:50 AM

wiring help needed for rangehood electrical installation.
I purchased Broan QS1 series hood today.
I'm an novice and I tried follow intructions but it only show how to wire when you have just 1 set of house wire coming out of the wall but mine has 2 sets. Each has 1black, 1 white, and one bare grounding wire.
I noticed when I disconnected my old rangehood, my gas stove right underneath it went out. So I know this has something to do with powering my gas stove. But funny thing is (it's not so funny now:mad:), we got hungry after uninstallation of old rangehood. So i came up with the solution accidentally putting two black wires together and wham I got power on the stove (that's what I thought). Man i hope i didn't make something short out or something because I smelled something electrical burning.
I installed the new one tried all combination of wiring and it will just not work. Remember there's two sets of wires coming out of the wall and hopefully I didn't do no permanent demage to the circuitry.
Please somebody help.

dSilanskas 01-12-2009 06:19 AM

Sounds like your right they feed the hood first than went down to the stove. What you did was correct just splice both black wires together and the two white wires together same thing for the bare ground. And connect to the hood wires and your all set:thumbsup: Check the breaker downstairs you might of tripped the breaker

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