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jldodge 10-30-2012 07:52 AM

Wiring GE Sunsmart Digital Timer 15312
I am replacing an Intermatic with the GE Sunsmart. The Intermatic has three wires vs. the GE with 5 (red blue green black & white). I have connected the black and white wires from the GE to the wires that the Intermatic was connected to. The red and blue wire from the GE timer are not connected. The digital screen is on and I have programmed the timer successfully. However, the override switch is not turning the lights on/off.

I programmed it last night at ~8PM -- lights on at 5:30PM and off at 10PM -- so I was in the middle of a cycle. Does the timer have to go through a 24 hour cycle before it works? Although I am relatively handy, I am not an electrician and do not know if the blue or red wire needs to be connected. There are three switches on the wall plate that are connected (I believe this has to do with the circuit breaker because they do not interact in any way AND this particular switch is the sole switch for the outdoor lights.

Any help would be appreciated ... Thanks in advance ....

geno_3245 11-01-2012 08:43 AM

Describe the Intermatic timer.
That will give some idea what wires you have inside box.

The GE timer has 5 wires.
Timer-Red wire is capped unless you have 3-way switching, where more than 1 switch controls same light(s)

Timer-black wire connects to Hot wire, or power wire. This will be one of the wires that connected to old timer.
Timer-blue wire connects to wire that goes to lights. This will also be one of the wires that connected to old timer.

Timer-white wire is neutral wire that connects to other neutrals inside the box, that are usually twisted together and covered with wire nut and pushed to back of box.
If box does not have the Neutral wires, then connect timer-white wire to bare ground wire.

Timer-green wire connects to bare ground wire.

Here are wiring illustrations showing how to wire GE sunsmart > with neutrals in box, and without neutrals in box.

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