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paredown 03-28-2012 02:44 PM

Wiring Garage Sconces
I want to add a sconce style light on either side of the garage door.
The plan is for a three-way switched setup--one switch beside the new front door, the second switch just inside the garage door.

This is a new 15a circuit so 14-2 to feed head switch (at front door since it will also feed outside & porch lights); 14-3 between the switches, 14-2 to the lights, so simple 3-way.

The garage walls are finished, but I can feed the new garage switch pretty easily with the 14-3 from the front door switch through the crawl space and up; and I can take the 14-2 out the top plate of the garage wall into the garage ceiling cavity.

I could easily drill holes and run the wire across the stub rafters in the front of the garage ceiling and access the overhang on either side of the garage. (Ceiling to be finished later...)

My problem is getting out through garage wall. The only reasonable way I can see to do this is to come down behind the exterior reverse board and batten siding (1" batten, with 1" wide boards over top) into a shallow box.
(There is no wall cavity since the garage door spans almost the full width of the garage, and the sides of the door opening are stacked 2x.)

There is enough depth with the batten layer to use 3/4 conduit and THHN, but it would be a pain to try to put conduit up in the ceiling for the whole run. A J box out in the ceiling would have to be exposed to pass, and it would still require some fancy drilling and gluing to run conduit for the last bit (since I would be going cross-wise to the stub rafters, and then have to turn a 90 to get the outside garage wall, and another 90 to get down the cavity....)

So what are my choices for what wire to use/how to get the wire down to where I need it?

(It is protected by an overhang, but I'm assuming it counts as damp or wet, so simple NM will not work.)

paredown 03-28-2012 03:08 PM

Second thoughts--since it is a "damp" and not wet location, could I use NM for the full distance. but run the NM inside EMT or plastic conduit where it is behind the siding?

So conduit used as "raceway"?

I'm imagining popping off the siding, screw down the box and conduit on outside wall sheathing. Then conduit runs up into the rafter bay, 90 deg on the top of conduit and feed the NM.

One per light so the pull is easy/conduit is not overcrowded.

Rest of run--stapled to rafter in bay and then pulled through drilled holes across the stub rafters to top of wall plate and down to switch.

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