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diy10 03-10-2009 08:30 AM

Wiring Configuration
I have a rewire question...I want to bring hot to box#1 which will power a 3 way switch for a living room split receptacle for a floor lamp. I will have 14/3 going from box #1 to the other side of the living room to box #2 which will have the other 3 way to control a split receptacle. I also have a fan switch in box #2. Can I power the fan switch off 3 way in that same box that is switching the receptacle. After the 2nd 3 way is that where I take 14/2 down to wire the split receptacle? I hope that is not too confusing..or is there and easier way?

patriot1 03-11-2009 09:35 PM

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is there and easier way?

What you need to do is carry 2 cables, 14-3 and 14-2 both with a ground from box #1 to box #2. The 14-2 is power to your other switch for the fan. You can use a 14-3 to the fan and have the red as a spare just in case someone wants to have a seperate switch for the light and fan.

The 14-3 is for the 3 way. You can use the white as a switch leg and connect it to the red going to the outlet if you want a 1/2 switch and half hot, other wise use a 14-2 and connect the black to the white if you want the whole outlet switched. If you decide to split the outlet, break the tab between the 2 brass screws on the hot side only. Hope the picture helps.

joed 03-12-2009 08:12 AM

If the power is going into box #1 then the fan swtich should be in box #1. There will be no hot wire in box #2. There will only be the switched hot for the receptacle. You also won't be able to have a split receptacle with only the 14/3. You can't use two cable because all the wires for the receptacle must be in the same cable.
Bring power into box #2 if you want the fan switch there. Otherwise you need a four wire cable from switch #1 to switch #2.

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