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jamiedolan 02-02-2009 12:37 PM

Wire under house not fully enclosed (what wire to use)
HI again;

Other side of house here from previous questions. Front side of the house has a fully enclosed room "porch" with a regular roof on it, carpeted, furnished, etc, but unheated.

The floor is about 5' off of ground level. There is no slab or basement under this area, just footings on the outside corners. There is about 10 inches from the ground to to bottom of the outside wall that is open, i.e. you have to crawl under it to access the space under the "porch".

Currently the outlets on this "porch" are wired with standard romex. When new wires are run, in the joists under this porch space, can they be standard romex / smurf? or do they have to be weather proof, even though water would never be able to get to them?


rgsgww 02-02-2009 12:47 PM

There has been alot of talk about things like this. Reading 334.12 (B) (4) says that NM,NMC, and NMS cannot subject to excessive moisture. (2005 nec)

Personally, I might use smurf.

I think its what the inspector wants. They might consider it a "damp" location.

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