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Ground rods, and ufers have only one purpose. To protect the structure and its contents from lightning strikes. The grounding conductor (EGC) protects people.


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Originally Posted by mlowrie View Post
I will check the spa to see what it currently has in terms of a ground rod. I don't think it has one and I don't see any requirement for ground rods regarding spas in the Canadian Electrical Code.

I'm just about ready to put everything together, but I have one question. The branch circuit to the sub-panel will require an 80-100A to power the spa and heat pump. The spa requires a 50A GFCI. Since I will be supplying the spa with 6AWG, does that mean I have to put in a 50A breaker in the sub-panel before the GFCI in order to protect the wiring?

If you are going to install a 100a sub panel- you would run a #3/3 cable from a a 2p 100a breaker in your house service panel. Your subpanel, could have a main breaker(sometime its cheaper to buy the combo kits, they have a bunch of breakers included, from the big box stores) or you can have a subpanel with MLO (main lugs only) either way you need to make sure your bonding screw or jumper is removed in the subpanel.
From your subpanel you need a #6/3 cable with a 50a or 60a 2p breaker to feed your spa-pack panel. in your spa pack panel you would install your 50a GFI breaker to feed your hottub. You do not need an extra ground rod anywhere in the system, as long as your service is properly grounded and bonded.
Hope it helps
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That's pretty much it. The plan is:
  • Upgrade main service panel to 200A with Federal Pioneer/Schneider Electric FP2064AFI package
  • Upgrade service feeders to 2/0
  • Upgrade service conduit to 1 1/2"
  • Replace main 200A breaker with 125A until service is upgraded to 200A
  • Run 3/3 to a subpanel (using original main service panel) with ground/neutral connection removed
  • Run 2 1" PVC conduits from sub-panel - one for the spa, one for heat pump
  • Conduits will contain two or three 90 degree bends before reaching the LB on the side of the house
  • Conduits on the inside will run through 4" of insulation before being run on interior walls and not surrounded by insulation (Is running through this short span of insulation allowed or do the conductors need to be exposed?)
  • Pull boxes to sub-panel if required (depends on number of bends inside house)
  • SPA run will go through "SPA Buddy" GFI box located beside sub-panel
  • Cable to SPA and heat pump will be 6AWG conductors and suitable bare ground wire. (Using R90/RW90 or other suitable conductors for 6AWG cable in 1" conduit)
  • Get inspected and re-connected
  • Enjoy heat-pump comfort and lounging in the spa with a beer!
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Oh, and in the sub-panel, max 50A breaker for SPA, max 30A breaker for heat pump.


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