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ponch37300 04-21-2009 10:02 AM

wire running question
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I need a little help with how to run a wire correctly from a switch to some can lights. I have made a crued drawing to try and help explain the situation. My kitchen has a vaulted ceiling. I have a beam that runs across the kitchen on one side supporting the 2nd story of the house. I need to run a wire from a switch in a wall to some beams I am going to be building that will have can lights in them. Here are the pictures.
Attachment 9788

Attachment 9789

Attachment 9790

So I need to run a wire from the switch in the center support for the beam up and then over to the new beams for the cans. I will be putting a 1x8 to the beam supporting the 2nd floor to match the beams I will be building so I could chissel out the drywall behind the middle of the 1x8 and run the wire in there but I'm thinking this wouldn't be up to code since someone could try to put a nail in the 1x8 to hang something and easily pierce the wire. I'm also going to be using crown moulding around the walls and beams so I could run the wire in the crown if that is acceptable. Hopefully I explained this well enough. Thanks for any suggestions on how to run this wire.

joed 04-21-2009 10:06 AM

If the cable is closer than 1.25 to the edge then you need protection. You could run a conduit in the groove you chisel out.

ponch37300 04-21-2009 11:10 AM

It would be right on the surface of the drywall and only the 3/4 thick board would be covering it. Conduit is an idea, guess I didn't even think of that. What would I need on the end of the conduit for a fitting where the wire comes out? I don't have to run the conduit to a box do I? I can just have it sticking out of the wall and into the beam right? Thanks

220/221 04-21-2009 01:07 PM


I will be putting a 1x8 to the beam supporting the 2nd floor to match the beams I will be building
Are you wrapping the existing beam or just adding one 1x8? What are the dimensions of the original beam.

The code says 1.25" and you could sleeve it in conduit for protection. No boxes necessary, just make sure the cable doesn't get scuffed/pinched at the entrance/exit points.

I allow myself to make decisions sometimes. Although against code, if the cable was run along the very top of the beam, I can't see anyone nailing/screwing up there.

ponch37300 04-21-2009 03:58 PM

The existing beam is totally covered in 1/2" drywall. I think I will put a groove in the drywall so 1/2" conduit will fit in the groove and then cover the whole thing with a 1x8 board. The ends of the conduit will pop out in the new hollow beams that the can lights will be in. That should be up to code and work good and be pretty easy to do. Thanks

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