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hidden 1 06-21-2013 06:08 PM

new circuits
I'll be removing a circuit and wiring coming in thru bottom of main panel(#8 ,3 wire)
,it then goes thru the brick outside and in conduit an back under home to other side,was to outside shed.I needed to run 4 dedicated circuits of 12/2 to about the same location but inside the home .
I can't get access to panel under home due to new addition/concrete .is there a good technique to use when pulling the new wire through the bottom of panel and out the brick via the old wiring thru the conduit,it does have a bit of a a L turn before brick..and yes main is off and each circuit will be on its own with seperate entrance to box once wiring is fed thru.
Any info is appreciated.

sirsparksalot 06-21-2013 11:30 PM

4 runs of 12/2 cable for inside the home, but through one piece of conduit (that originally contained 8/3 cable/individual wires ??) under the home?

How big, what type is the conduit, and are you planning on running cable, and why 12 AWG? What's the purpose of ea. dedicated circuit?

hidden 1 06-22-2013 06:08 PM

It's the 2 1/2-3 inch pipe ,and will be all dedicated circuits for inside .goes thru concrete then back under home .each will then be individually routed when exiting pipe .
Maybe the fish/lube technique will work but I have a sharp curve to get through leaving the brick into the pipe .the old circuit with large wire was discontinued and removed ,that wire will work to fish through .may just cut into the drywall as last resort but hope not to have to .

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