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Wire passing through a J-box in a Conduit run

Re-wiring my garage right now with all surface mount conduit for the lighting and garage door power. My questions is regarding the wire that passes through certain j-boxes without being connected to anything in that box (never any need to tap off some wires). Am I required to pull a loop for these wires even if i never need to tap into them at these certain boxes, or can I pull them straight through the box to cut down on the amount of wires inside the box? I really only have 2 or 3 boxes where this may be a problem at.

Also, to the experts who have mastered bending conduit - I know I am fairly competent with bending and installing conduit, and the other day I had a bend that I was sure I measured properly and used the right markings on the bender, but when I was done, the distance between the two bends was 2 3/4" longer than I needed it to be. In this particular case I was running 1/2" conduit on the ceiling parallel to the wall, it bends towards the wall on the ceiling, then down the wall to a switch box. The distance that was too long was between the two bends. I used the arrow on the bender in both bends, but wondering if maybe I should have used the star for the second bend. Anyone know how I was off by 2 3/4"? (I've already "fixed" it by cutting the pipe and putting in a coupler, just curious for future reference).


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Unused conductors may just pass through.
Should have used the star.


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For a back to back bend, you need to use the star if the first bend is 'behind' the bender when you make the second bend. If you keep them both in front, you can you use your standard deduct.
Bear in mind, with back to back 90's, you really cant use the turn around method on measurements less than 18" or so. The handle will hit the first 90 before you're done with the second.
At least you're aware of what you're doing. Keep it up.

I've had a little bit of practice:
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I figured it was something simple, good to know for the future. I might end up bending some conduit down the wall later for some outlets should I decide I need some outlets in a spot I haven't planned on yet.

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Most case for pass thru only the conductors can be non looped { just straight shot } unless you will plan to do with something in future then loop it most case I just loop it and few time down the road it come handy.

Now for the benders most of them I useally see use the star point for bending the arrow point is tricky to deal with it.

I am pretty much in the same boat as Goose134 is so I am used with North Americian and European ways.

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