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Wire multiple lights to multiple motion sensors?

Ok, I am trying to figure out how I could do this. i need to have multiple lights turn on by multiple sensors around the house. can any one help me with wiring digram. i also read some were that a relay would be best to use but they did not say what kind.


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Generally, if the sensor lights are all fed by the same branch circuit then they can all control each other provided that the total wattage of all the light bulbs (lamps) does not exceed the wattage rating of any one fixture.

Run 12-3 cable (14-3 for 15 amp circuit) from one light fixture to the next. Connect black and white of this power cable to the normal power leads for each light fixture. Connect a length of red or black wire from the lamp socket bottom tip (or from a wire attached to same) to the red wire of the power cable. The latter step may require that you partially disassemble the light fixture.


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Allan I may have not explained properly but this is what I need. I need multiple sensors 3 or more turning on all the lights all at the same time. These lights should be able to be trigger by any one of the 3 sensors.
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The sensor outputs need to be in a WIRED-OR config. and the lamps go in parallel.

Depending on their insides you may be able to just wire the sensor hot leads in parallel but check first with the manufacturer, and you have to know your house wiring like the back of your hand.

Or, if there are mechanical relays inside these sensors you may be able to wire them in an OR config but then you'd have to dig inside the brand new sensors.

Otherwise, possibly each sensor hot lead can feed one of three diodes, the cathodes of which feed a relay with a DC coil. The contacts control the lamps. You may need a filter cap to keep the relay from buzzing. This option is not for the usual DIYer.

There must be some manuf that makes a UL product that meets this config., using logic gates or relays. This box would sense the sensor outputs using low current inputs and provide 120v for the lamps, but the low current inputs would have to provide enough of a load so the sensors work properly.

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