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Originally Posted by Speedy Petey View Post
Sure there is. The white wires under the wire nut are the neutrals (grounded conductors).
The bare wires under the wire nut are the grounding conductors.

Not so fast. Grounding the yokes of switches was not always code required. How do you know how old this installation is?

YES, there is ALWAYS a choice.[ And in this case the choice is to use the grounds.
Connecting the ground to the neutral in a case like this is not only non-complaint it is downright dangerous and stupid.
And please do not tell me anything about them being connected to the same place in the panel.] This is a completely irrelevant point.
Let me clarify. Since the timer needs a NEUTRAL (beside a Ground) to satisfy the NEUTRAL wire. And there is no NEUTRAL conductor in the box, my understanding was that it was suggested to use the GROUNDED lead as a NEUTRAL. Hence I pointed out that it might work but is not up to specs. On the question of knowing the difference bet. a Grounded Neutral in a panel (which is required) and anywhere else (which is dangerous). Man o man... Do I know that. I deal w. such situations almost on a daily basis!!!Don't Drink and Drive!!!


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Actually there are both grounding conductors (grounds) and grounded conductors (neutrals) in that box.
See the bare wires spliced and the white wires spliced?
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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Actually there are neutrals in the box. Those are the three white wires wire nutted together. If he need a neutral he would just add anther white pigtail to the white wires with the red wire nut.
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Heh heh. The poor guy simply asked:

Which of these three wires is the ground?

Instead of answering "None of them. The ground is the bare wire(s)" it spinns of to 3 ways, neutrals, bootlegged grounds and DUI's

Good times.


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