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Originally Posted by Duane 70 View Post
I guess my main question is why the outlet/circuit worked fine with my old TV (37" tube set) for so many years, but tripped the breaker with the new LCD 40" set? The only difference that I can see is that the old set did not have a ground wire in the cord, where the new set has a ground wire/plug prong in the cord. Are the new TVs electronics so sensitive that reversed wiring in an outlet would trip a 15 amp breaker? I'm not so sure that reversed wiring is the problem. The wires were correct when I pulled the outlet (black to gold, white to silver) as well as all of the other outlets on the some circuit. After reversing the wires on the TV outlet, the TV works OK. I'm wondering if by removing the wire the on the outlet from the switch, making the outlet non-switched, was actually the thing that corrected the problem? If it was a switch to outlet wiring problem, wouldn't that already have caused the breaker to trip with the old TV?? I haven't tried putting the wires on the outlet back in their correct locations because I hate to take a chance on screwing something up in the TV if it trips the breaker again by doing that since it works OK now as is. Just can't figure out why reversed wiring would cause the breaker to trip. Any takers on this puzzle??
Older TV's had a power transformer with ungrounded poles so it didn't matter which was which! With a simple parallel blade, plug, it had to be this way as the plug could be easily reversed.
However, new TV's are pole sensitive and cannot be allowed to be reversed.
Obviously, in your case there's a wiring reversal somewhere that had no consequence with the old set, but has come to light with the new one!
You have said that the receptical was switched originally, and I have a hunch that it must be something to do with this.
Apparently, power comes to this outlet. Its black wire would then be connected to the white wire in the switch cable,with a wire nut. At the switch box this white would connect to the switch. The black wire from the switch would carry the current back to the receptacle's copper terminal.
The silver terminal of the receptical would have the white wire that comes from the power cable.
It will be necessary to ascertain, that the power cable is poled correctly.
A tester of some sort will be necessary! A meter is best but a neon tester will work also.
Hopefully, the receptical feed cable with have a bare ground connected to the box. If so this will make things easy! Connect the tester from the black power wire to the box. If it lights, you're good! If not test the power cable white.
If the power is on here, you will have to go back to the source and check there.
Keeping in mind that the power cable may appear in several places before it goes to the electrical panel!



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