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why would kitchen outlets stay on if 1 leg out

this whole time i dont understand why the kitchen has been unaffected by these outlet failures the rest of the condo has been going through -it seems that if the main breaker was defective it wuold include them i run a fan upstairs the computer and micro wave used to have a small refrigorator but unplugged it then these problems started. somes shut off by themselves sometimes when start something else microwave. if 1 leg out -really dont understand -is this gradual or spontanious -the meter the main breaker or in the inside breaker box or the outlets themselves could it be a short in one of the wires/?i will call the poco to make sure that it is not there side of it.running a stove or dryer 220 makes every thing seem fine . but then most of the house except for the kitchen goes down i do not have those newer inline fuse outlets 1977 house. a year 1/2 ago while under warrenty i had an electrition reset my main breaker -i had tried to do it myself but didnt snap it hartd enough.tried many times could someone explain one leg out and its source of origin as i dont understand is it a physical deterioration ora loose item -please dont get mad for new post


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OK, first, it is considered poor forum etiquette to have 3 threads going about the same subject. Please do not start another one.

There are 3 wires that power your house, two live "legs" and a neutral between them. About half your house is connect to one "leg, while the other half is connected to the other "leg". Somewhere, one leg has lost power. It could be a problem with the wires entering the building, or it could be your main breaker. All the circuits connected to this leg will not work. Some appliances use both legs and are 240 V.

When these appliances are turned on, they complete a series circuit with the functioning leg and the circuits on the non-functioning leg. This is why the outlets sometimes work. Current is flowing through an appliance (probably the water heater) and into the non-functioning circuits then to the neutral. When the appliance goes off, the circuits stop functioning.

There, question answered. No new threads please. Call the power company and see what they tell you.


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The kitchen is more than likely on your good leg. You have a 120/240 service. You have to legs each produce 120volts and when you use 240volts it takes from both. One of yours is bad which means anything that pulls it's power from that leg is not going to work. This is a very bad thing and can lead to a FIRE. You should in no way try to repair this yourself, but get an electrician as explained elsewhere this can burn and or kill you. More than likely you are gonna need to replace your service good luck. Again THIS CAN BURN AND/OR kill you, contact an electrican.
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how would an electrician test and or replace the main breaker -im half sure thats the problem or-out meaning loose or out meaning non funtional(dead)
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How about you only post in the one thread instead of 2-3 threads on this subject?

have electric problem in house need advice
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