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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

There are two types of boards.
Both types use four N.O. relays.

Each incoming line has its own relay. One of the relay switches common side.

Other side powers the switched side of heaters.

The two line side relays must be closed for heater to work.
Switched side of each heating element has its own relay.

Relay 1 & 2 are always closed.
Relay 1 connects one of the poles to common side of heating elements.
Relay 2 powers switched side.
Relay 3 controls upper
Relay 4 controls lower

So, for proper operation it's always 1,2 and 3 OR 1,2 and 4.
Each element must go through three relays in series so if a relay becomes stuck on, it won't go into run-away conditions.

If 3 or 4 welds closed and control calls for other element to activate, it should cause the board to see both elements energized and trip on error.

The line side relays serve no purpose other than safety redundancy.

The relays are electronically controlled by computerized circuits based on feedback from elements(which is how it detects failed element) and thermistors.

The electronics is covered, but not completely potted in epoxy so it won't be easy to replace parts even if you could locate problems at component level.

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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

Originally Posted by earcuffs View Post
"They" sent a free new control board w/ free shipping?
Who, Lowes or Whirlpool? I'll be searching the Lowes stores for a replacement as mine failed. Curious if the new policy is a free board + free shipping. Seems like I would need a backup control board if the replacement can be expected to fail as well. Horrible service history on the electronics for this unit.
Whirlpool sent it to me. I called the 800 number in the book and spoke to a nice, Indian guy, and a few days later the new board came.
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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

I have one also.But the lights are all out yet i get hot water daily.Is this the circuit board or what?
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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

My water heater worked well for several years (lifetime warranty) but now has begun to either produce lukewarm water or dangerously hot water! The control box on top the heater had wires that burned the paper wiring diagram off the inside of the cover and even partially melted the cover. Whirlpool quickly sent me a new control circuit board but it has been installed and is right now overheating and I am catching the scalding water in a 5-gallon bucket. (Actually, this is the 2nd one they sent me in a week but still no improvement). There doesn't seem to be anything wrong--it just continues to overheat and does the 2-flash high temperature warning. In its defense, it worked fine for about 10 years--still no leaky tank, but seems to be unfixable.
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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

We have the Energy Smart electric heater, lifetime warranty. The heater is nine years old and the control board is on the fritz. I called the 800 number, answered a few questions and they're overnighting a new board today. The tech was most helpful and couldn't have been more pleasant. And they comped the overnight charges. I'm a satisfied owner! Now to go heat some water on the stove to shave.
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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

We have a Whirlpool 50 gallon Energy Smart water heater which is almost 12 years old. It has been working great until recently. We were getting 5 blinking lights on the controller box indicating a problem with the lower heating element. We called customer service and were connected to an American service tech immediately. She was extremely helpful and told us the parts we needed were under lifetime warranty. She shipped the control board, junction box cover and both heating elements and we received them in 2 days. Our only charge was $10 for shipping. We couldn't believe their excellent service after reading so many negative posts. I say without hesitation that they have wonderful service now and I would certainly not hesitate to buy another Whirlpool hot water heater.
Sy T.J.
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Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heater Problem

I have the 80 gallon Energy smart electric water heater. The water one day became excessively hot. I reset the switch to no avail. First I replaced both elements. Two weeks later I experienced the same problem. I contacted the Whirlpool technical support line and they were polite and helpful. They told me I needed to replace the control board. Yes I had to replace both elements and a control board but they sent the board to me overnight for free. To replace the elements I had to take the old ones to Lowes and they gave me free replacements. I have a lifetime warranty so why would I change water heaters or complain. For the person who is not the original owner stop whining and pay the $75.00.

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