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neo565 12-16-2012 06:54 PM

where to find odd breaker
My friend's house has a workshop out back with an 800 amp service (used to be a wood shop) and he is putting in an industrial air conditioner that takes 95 amps 120/208 volt 3 phase. The problem is that the breaker cannot be found at HD, Lowes, or the hardware store. The panel is a cutler-hammer Pow-r-line panel which says to use type BAB or BABH breakers. Where should I look for this breaker?

Dierte 12-16-2012 07:09 PM

A supply house in your area should have one or be able to get you one.

frenchelectrican 12-16-2012 07:37 PM

The best answer is Electrical supply centere near your area and some case they may have a breaker on hand.

Before you order the breaker you will have to provide the max A/C amps as stated on the nameplate and 95 amp breaker is NOT a standard size so double check the nameplate to see what size breaker it will required.

The 100 and 125 amp breaker is pretty common size but once you get over 125 amp size it will change the game a bit it will use differnt frame and related parts ( generally this kind of stuff is best leave to the Electrician due there are few items that may have to change the bussbar tabs )

And if this is a RAH ( Roof top Air Handler aka RTAC Rooftop A/C unit ) you will have to add a local disconnect switch as well and be aware with the codes that will required a convence or service WP recptale as well ( withen 25 feet of the unit )

And the last part as I will mention this very carefull .,, The three phase is little tricky because there is spefic phase rotation it have to be used on the motour if hook up backward it may not work or do some damage so I rather leave this to the Electrician to do this.


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