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why me? 02-22-2007 08:48 AM

When to hire a pro?
Hi everyone-

I am working on a basement remodel. I'm confident with basic wiring for light fixtures, outlets, etc. However, I am thinking of adding a circuit for a home theater area, and also need to try to track down how some of the existing wiring is set-up. A couple of the junction boxes seem to have multiple circuits in them, and it's tough to tell where everything goes.

What I am hoping is that I can hire a pro to add the new circuit, verify any code or safety issues with the existing wiring (done by a previous owner) and remove/move a couple of receptacles and junction boxes that are interfering with wall framing. Roughing in the wiring would be great, but probably not necessary.

Will I have a problem getting someone to do a "partial" job like this? Does it impact permits/inspections if a pro does the circuits, and I run the rest of the wiring? How would cost vary for a rough-in type job versus running all the new wiring?

Thanks for any feedback.

KUIPORNG 02-22-2007 10:15 AM

hard to find a pro to charge you partial ...
I think once you call in the pro, they will not like the idea you do some and they do some... even they are willing to do the partial job... they probably won't charge you partially...

So I think you should either do all yourself or let the prod do all....

To wire a new circuit is no more difficult than what you already said you know... the only new item is wiring into the panel.. this step sounds more difficult than it actually is... you are talking about connecting three wires inside the panel and pluging in the circuit breaker, in the dark with a handheld light, how difficult could that be, I did mine and take me 10 minutes... comparing to all others this is rather easy step...

For fixing the existing circuits... this is the more headache part, many people, even pros.. do not like fixing... most of them say just forget about the existing, rewire new circuits in stead, should you ever want to change existing... this is like in computer world, fixing someone'se program is more difficult to rewirte a new one sometimes... in Japanese sentense, fixing someone's program is like wearing someone else underwear...

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