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When does photo votecs work just daytime or full moon light

What do you gain in amps with full direct sun compared to just light early am and late pm and don't laugh does moon light work?


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I've never heard of moonlight being powerful enough to generate power thru PV
Moonlight is not sunlight
It is reflected light
You need direct light - photons moving as a result of direct sunlight


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You talking to me?
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Servicing Arrays
Use open circuiting, short circuiting, or opaque covering to disable an array or portions of an array for its installation or service [690.18]. Remember, PV modules are energized whenever the module is exposed to light, including moonlight.
that is from this:


but here is the problem and why it is not practical to consider the light reflected off the moon as a source of power:

The amount of energy received from the sun is colossal: 342 watts per square meter, on average, over the course of a year. Of this, 31 percent is reflected immediately back into space by reflective surfaces in Earth's atmosphere and on the surface, but the remaining 69 percent is absorbed by the ecosystem. By comparison, the intensity of moonlight per square meter is estimated at 1 milliwatt, approximately 1/342,000th of the amount received directly from the sun.
from what I have found, if you had a PV cell that was efficient enough, you could produce usable power using solar energy reflected off the moon. It's just that there is so little light and we have not created PV cells that are efficient enough to produce a usable amount of power from that light.

btw: you can get your eyes "sunburned" from looking at the moon through a telescope.
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Originally Posted by Mr Roy View Post
What do you gain in amps with full direct sun compared to just light early am and late pm and don't laugh does moon light work?
In most applications, only direct sunlight will produce usable power. The amount of light provided by direct sun is WAY more than the amount of light at dusk, dawn, or full moon. However, solar panels will produce measurable power as long as they are exposed to any light at all, even moonlight. It's just so little power that it's rarely useful. Large solar arrays can be electrically dangerous at night, though, due to moonlight.
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