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killjoy 09-27-2007 11:09 AM

What should i use?
I am an engineering student looking for something that will do the following.
I need a device or something that is like a switch. Power is applied throught one line but if that line is disconnected, then the power will transfer to line 2. SO there is a breakoff but the only time line 2 should be activated is if line 1 is not complete.
Thanks for any help in advance!

NateHanson 09-27-2007 11:30 AM

You can do that with a relay switch. Line one on, relay energized and open. Line one off, relay deenergized and closes, thus switching line two on.

Jim Port 09-27-2007 12:42 PM

You could use a common 3 way switch. Power in on the common terminal, power out to line 1 off of one of the other terminals, line 2 off of the other.

elkangorito 09-27-2007 02:50 PM

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Is this what you want?

michaelpwalton1 09-30-2007 10:58 PM

If you want to switch automatically, You want a two pole relay, with 1 No & 1 NC contacts. The coil voltage needs to match your line voltage. You also have to consider the duty cycle of the coil and contacts and load rating.

If it does not have to be automatic you can use a standard 3 way switch or a canopy switch SPDT. Once again, pay attention to load rating.

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