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Well pump wiring

Here I sit with my FRANKLIN ELECTRIC CONTROL BOX ,,,,,MODEL 2801084915 1 HP 230V,,,,,,wondering how to check it,,,,,,,,,,,,,If there is a way?
Can I cheat and put 2 110s on it and measure the three legs out to see if there is power there .
Do I have to rum ohms check on it ,,,,,,,,,,,,not knowing what it should read?
Having to wait till my brother in law gets off work to call him ,,He got the last one .,,,,,,,,,would love to know more than him.when he gets here..LOL
All the big stores say they can order it ,,,,,,,,Guess I will have to go to the little guys who do it for a living ,Monday .
Meanwhile ,sorry for the odor I was planning on taking a bath before clawing around under the house checking the pump.
Ps... at least it is no 20 below ....

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Well pump wiring

If you have the equipment to do so, the capacitors can be tested without power applied. The start relay can be tested only with a load connected.

The overloads can be tested with a simple ohm meter.

The motor can be tested to some degree with an ohm meter, moreso with a meggar.

Other than that, you'll need to connect it to power, and to the motor. Then voltage and amp readings can be taken.

Simply applying power without a load connected doesn't test much.


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Well pump wiring

I read some of your post on the subject ,,,,,,,,,you do a great job,
Thanks for sharing aquired knowledge ...Hope to read more of your replies
It looks like it is in need of a new one ,,,,,,,,we had a flicker of electric today as we are on the end of the line we take a lot of hits ,,,could have fried the controlor ,,,,,,I left my ohms meter under the house ,,,,,,duh dumb ,,,,,but I will let you know the out come ,,It has happened 3 or 4 times over 15 years ,,,,But my brother in law fixed it so all I got was the bill .lol..
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Well pump wiring

Oh yes ,there is no way to get to the leads in the box without wiring into the box and bringing out the wires ,,,,,,hard to check ,,,,??? wonders why??? ,,,,,, I would have to use clamp on leads from the mounting box to the controler and then to the leads to the pump,,,,then test the ohms ,,,I would like to see if I get 110 out of the starting wire ,,,,but you say that will not work without a load ,,,,,,so back to the drawing board ,,,,,,,,,,,,I have forgotten so much about wiring pumps ,,If you did it every day it would be a simple thing ,,The fuses did not shoot so I hope the pump is ok ,,,I get one small spark when I throw the breaker in the cutoff box ,,,,,Which lead ,I am not able to tell you ,,but it is just one of the 110 lines coming in ,,,,,I flipped the main breaker to the cutoff box ,,,,,,,,,,I get 110 on both lines coming in and through the cutoff box ,to the controllor,, the presuure gage IS between the cutoff and the controllor ,,,,,,,,,,,so I take it they are connecting ........I think just one leg is going to the pump ,,,,,,I was afraid to do much R&D ,,,pumps cost too much ,,,,but I got this Ashely wood furnace I will ask you about some time ,,,,,,,,,,wiring the Temostat up..
Thanks Again
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