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welder amperage

I am considering buying a used 220 volt, 225 amp stick welder. The decal indicates 50 amp in and 225 amp max out. The dial indicates as little as 40 amps for welding. My only line is 220, 30 amps. Anyone have any experience with operating a welder on lower that spec'd? Will I damge it? Fire hazard? If it will work, any idea how to calculate the max amp out with 30 amps in?


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I've seen quite a few of these welders used on construction jobs. Almost all of them have 30 amp twistlock plugs on them, mainly because the spider boxes we use for temporary power all have 30 amp 250 volt receptacles. None of them have 50s though.

The worst that'll happen is it'll trip a breaker; usually when the rod sticks and the current is turned way up.

A welder like this using good-sized rod and cranked way up will draw about 30 amps while welding. Most of the time, it'll draw less than 20.



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I have tripped a proper 50A breaker exceeding the duty cycle using a large rod. So if you plan on doing anything even remotely heavy duty be prepared to trip the breaker quite often.

Originally Posted by Captflx View Post
My only line is 220, 30 amps.
So. Put in the CORRECT line or have it done.
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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welder amperage

Thanks. I'm going to give it a try. If an ocassional tripped breaker is my outcome, I can live with that.
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Your max power in is 30A(220v) = 6600W, and more for short periods of time, depending on the breaker's trip curve.
Your max power out is 225A(?V).
29 V at this amperage will use up your 6.6 KW.

From other posts, the rated welder power seems to be more than the requested input V x I, so they must be depending on the user making short welds.

With a long cable between the load center and the welder you might trip the breaker less often. It will limit peak current draw somewhat but might give you inferior welds.

A link to your welder spec' sheet can help provide more precise answers.

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