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Weather Head problem.

Im in the process of putting in a 200 amp panel (upgrade) next to my old 100 amp panel. Im in the process of finishing up before the inspector is called. Well my question is the weather head had holes to punch out to run the wire threw ( 3 3/0 wires). Well I punched out the smallest holes, but the wires are very loose comming threw those holes. One hole is even bigger than the other 2. The curve on the weather head isnt that great and wind driven rain I would think would enter easly threw these gaps.
I havent called the inspector yet. Im not sure if its common to put some sealant (silicone of some sort) or not. Im also not sure what to use, and if i should wait until after the inspector comes out or if I could do it now. Whats your guys take on this? I would say the one larger hole I could put my pinky in next to the wire.
I used a 2" riser and weather head with 3 3/0 copper wires. And the holes to puch out were monsters. Thanks JIM

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Weather Head problem.


What you have it typical. No sealant is required, although some will keep the bees out.

Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
Answers based on the 2008 & 2011 NEC.
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Weather Head problem.

If you use anything make sure it is electrical rated. Anything else might be rejected by the inspector. I don't think silcone caulk is rated for this use.
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Weather Head problem.

Just be sure to form a drip loop in the wires before they enter the weatherhead and you will be fine. The wires are not supposed to fit tight in the bushing, if you still feel the need to seal them against water, insects, whatever, just use a piece of duct seal, find it in the electrical aisle at any home inprovement store.
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Weather Head problem.

No sealant is required, although some will keep the bees out.
Bees? Really?
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Weather Head problem.

Thanks for your guys replys. I would feel much better with something sealing the finger size holes. But i do feel better thats its not only this weather head that has problems. I orginally thought I drilled the holes.So i was going to drill them to a tight size. then after a little push the pre outlined hole just poped out. And that hole is alot bigger then what i was going to dirll it open to.
Well I was mostly worried about wind driven rain. The drip loop I know will stop water running down into it. Thats the Pacos job anyways when they make the final connections to handel the drip loop.
Bees & wasps like to make nests too. a 2" trree like tunnel would be a nice hive.
But the angle of the weather head just isnt enought to seal it against wind driven wind. I guess ill leave it and keep an eye on the box in the next rain storm. If no problems she will stay the way it is. If not it easy to climb the ladder and squeeze some electrical rated (non condictive I would assume) silicone around the wholes and wires.
Thanks again JIM

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