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Unregistered 01-16-2004 11:17 PM

water in my conduit
I have noticed water in my underground conduit. will this be a problem with 120v/200amp service line to my meter?



Unregistered 01-20-2004 08:12 PM

Not unless the insulation has a nick, cut, hole in it or the water happens to find it's way somewhere it's not supposed to be. There are a million miles of hot conductors lying in water in underground conduit.

psychoguy42 01-20-2015 05:08 PM

The underground conduit should be water tight unless its damaged in any way.

joed 01-20-2015 05:11 PM

All underground conduit gets water in it no matter how well you try to seal it. Condensation is one main reason along with leaks.
As long as you used wet rated wire or cable you are fine.

jbfan 01-20-2015 09:09 PM

Zombie thread!

rjniles 01-21-2015 07:10 AM

What is a zombie thread?

petey_c 01-21-2015 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by jbfan (Post 1644826)
Zombie thread!

Holy crap, you're not kidding. From 2004. User name of "Unregistered" should've been my first clue.

jbfan 01-21-2015 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by rjniles (Post 1645594)
What is a zombie thread?

Brought back from the dead to harass:laughing: the living!

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