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piecekeeper 07-19-2007 11:56 AM

Water Heater Timer
Hello everyone.

I have a water heater timer that I suspect may not be turning off when the switch tells me its off. I have hot water when I shouldn't. How can I check to see if the electric is turned off to the water heater when its supposed to be. I'd sure appreciate your help. Thanks

frenchelectrican 07-19-2007 12:18 PM

What kind of timer you have it will make the diffrence there.

Most timer useally have interal switch inside of the unit you should able see the switch lever it will marked " on - off " and also check the dog leg on the cam also [ the dog leg is small set screw with a lever to trip the switch ]

Most water heater can hold hot water for pretty long day just about almost full day if not used any hotwater if well insulated.

if you supecting if the waterheater is on you can test by ether test light or listen to the noise many electric water heater will make " very muted sizzing noise if you can hear it "

Merci , Marc

piecekeeper 07-19-2007 01:04 PM

The control box for the water heater is a Intermatic Little Gray Box. I checked the box but can't tell if the switch is being thrown on or off when I slide the on off bar. I know I see a flash of light when I throw the bar, like you see at times when you plug in a cord.

I thought maybe you could touch a testor to see if electric was coming from the box to the water heater, like maybe the testor would not light up when the electric is supposed to be off, but, I don't know how to do that.

Thanks for the reply.


bigMikeB 07-19-2007 06:12 PM

Just because the water heater is off, it should still have hot to warm water for a while. If you see a flash when you flip the lever I would say you are breaking the contact points.

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