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capt2 10-03-2007 01:02 AM

Water Heater on Generator
The water heater is the final load I want to put on my new generator sub-panel. Here in Mich. we chose the option where the wtr htr is on a separate meter and separate feed into the house. It goes to a separate breaker/box, then to the wtr htr.
(This is so the poco can cut off the wtr htr when the grid gets stressed--in return they give you a deduction on every elec bill)

My question is how do I get the wtr htr on the GEN with this set-up. FYI I have a gaurdian 13KV unit. Thanks!!

frenchelectrican 10-03-2007 01:28 AM

one option you can is add a second small manual transfer switch between the generator panel and waterheater panel or control box.

i am not sure this will work with set up but i will try my best becasuse i dont know which geneator panel you have there.

But this what i will describe kinda backward way but bear with me for a min you will get the picture a min

find the leads [ wires ] from water heater first that lead go to small transfer switch [ that transfer switch will mark line[s] and load ] what with this lead will go to the load termails on small transfer switch then this step what you do is get one line [ normal side ] go to the waterheater control / breakerbox hook up that way. now with other line connection that set will go to the generator transfer switch panel / breaker box and tied into that.

or if cant find the transfer switch you can ask any electical supply centre and ask for DPDT 30 amp switch they can find one for ya

Merci, Marc

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