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I don't think the nature of the original question is even DIY to begin with. Anyone that should be doing a project of this sort shouldn't have to ask a question like that. Sorry, it makes me mad when I know an electrician should be doing the work. We don't even know what type of service this is.


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Thanks for all the respones everyone. The line is a commercial 220 3 phase. I'm running 2 guage lines for hots and neutral and 4 guage for the ground and rating the sub panel at 60 amps. Maybe a bit overkill on the wiring but should allow me to bump up the breaker if I need to later. I used my meter to check the lines all three are running 120 so should be good there. Now the fun part is re routing conduit. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by J. V. View Post
Why the moderators continue to allow these professional arguments on a DIY forum are beyond comprehension. We have professional forums to discuss and argue our trade. This is not the place for it. The OP will get some help at first and then we all get into a discussion that the OP has no clue about. I said "we", because I am guilty too.

Moderators: End the thread once we start getting to complicated or get way over the head of the OP. At least chime and and remind us where we are.
O.K., J.V. I got your point. But this discussion is anyway ONLY hypothetical. Because in my town (NYC) the Utility, Con Ed doesn't provide 3 Phase Service to Residential customers! I don't know what the policy is in other cities!(No matter what)don't Drink and Drive, Ever!!!
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Red Leg Delta?

OK, I intentially ignored the previous plea to keep this simple. But how is the OP getting 120V and 240V from a 3-phase panel without one leg being center tapped? Does the OP have anything running on 208V single phase currently, either by design or accident?

Assuming the OP has a center tapped leg, adding a single phase panel for 120V and 240V loads becomes a breeze.
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Well all the new conduit is run and new outlets put in place and a few of the old lines are run to the new box. Gonna have my buddy stu an electrician come and finish off the hooking the two panels together to make sure everything is kosher there. He owes me a favor anyway. Thanks for the input everyone.


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