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davros72 12-20-2006 09:52 AM

Wall-mounted touch switch lamp help
First post, so forgive me if I trespass or anything. My wife bought me a nice little swing-arm, wall-mounted, touch activated 3-way reading lamp. I mounted it on the wall and it works, but the "touch activated" part of it seems to be either very fussy or not work at all. Only specific places on the base (or arm) seem to activate it, apart from when it doesn't seem to activate it at all. Like now. Now I can't get it to activate at all. I've checked the bulb and the bulb is fine in other lamps. I think the problem is the touch activation. Any suggestions as to how to improve the sensitivity or workability of the touch activation? Would the fact that the mounting screws turned out not quite 100% flush to the wall? It's pretty close but not fully flush. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! --Kevin

sootybuttercup 12-24-2006 01:13 PM

Hello...and welcome! You aren't trespassing. Can't imagine what could be wrong. If you have the paperwork that came with the lamp, I would recommend calling the manufacturer for advice. Good Luck!

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