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Voltage difference in my house.

Hello guys,
I am having problem with my home voltage. I am trying to solve the problem before I call an electrician as I can hardly afford electrician. I am experiences this problem from last 3 days. I went out of town for a day and when I came back half of my house has dim and other half has brighter light then normal. I called the electric company and he told me it could be neutral wire from transformer to my meter, which I need to fix not the electric company. I went ahead bought the voltage tester from home depot. Breaker inside my house showing 118v on one phase and 135v on the other phase when the A/C is off. When I turn it on it goes to 95von one phase and 155v on the other. I checked the metal rod (Ground) connection (outside) and the breaker board connection, They are all fine. I need help to figure out what could be wrong as I can't even turn on the A/C and it goes to mid 90's during the day. Please help.


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This sounds like a classic power company problem. You should call them back and have them take a look at THEIR connections.

If they insist that this isn't their problem, then you may have no choice to call an electrician.


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Answers based on the National Electric Code. Always check local amendments.

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Call the poco immediately. 99% of the time this situation is there problem. In the mean time, shut off (un plug)all electronics and A/C untill they arrive. More than likely it is a bad neutral connection at the weather head or at the pole. Are your neighbors having the same problem? they could. When I worked for an electric utility this was called a "Bright lights dim lights" call and was dispatched and addressed ASAP, right behind "wires down" and "car pole"

again call POCO NOW

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You have a bad neutral connection somewhere. Most likely this is NOT a DIY project -- call the POCO first! If they then tell you that the problem is not on their end, then call an electrician. It's highly unusual that they would require you to be responsible for any wiring before the meter.

In the meantime, turn off your main breaker! This condition can literally fry many of your electronics items. Although with this having been ongoing for days, anything that is vulnerable to damage is probably already toast.

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How do they expect you to fix a neutral connection between the transformer and the meter. That is their wires. They need to come and fix it.

You most definitely have a loose neutral connection. It could be at the transformer, at the weather head, in the meter base, in the main panel.
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What a load of crap, telling someone to work on energized lines without any training, tools or proper protective equipment. That power compnay needs a foot stuck somewhere.
Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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Call the POCO out there, make sure they send someone to check at least the line side of the meter

In some locales, the POCO's responsibility stops at the transformer. (especially underground services)

is this an overhead or underground service.
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Take a garden hose and soak the areas where your ground rods are located. This might help as a temporary measure. You need to demand the POCO comes out and addresses this.
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Had a customer who wanted me to paint their gas meter and I told them I couldn't because it was the property of the GaCo.
They said the GaCo won't come out because they didn't want to look through nine years of old records.
On the customers dime I wrote a letter to the GaCo asking if they would like to be sitting in a Board of Inquiry explaining that there was a gas explosion because "they didn't feel like looking through nine years of old records".

The GaCo painted the meter.

Then the GaCo tried to entrap me into defrauding them so they would have something on me. That didn't work.
Some of these people are dog excrement, piled high.

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Most electricains will know this is a neutral problem.
All you can do is check your own neutral connecttions
are clean and good, beyond that it really is a POCO problem.

If you are not confident to do so,
call an electricain to check it out,
Then you can call POCO and ask them to fix it.
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You have 9 to 30 volts across your neutral lead and it's connections, instead of millivolts. This voltage depends on how unbalanced the loads are in your house on each side of the neutral, how big the loads are and how much resistance is in the neutral lead/connections.

You could put one voltmeter lead on an unpainted spot on your wattmeter case. IIRC the neutral lead is bonded to the meter case.

If you then turn off a breaker to a string of outlets and put the other voltmeter lead on any outlet neutral slot and you see voltages like above then the problem is between the meter and your house.

With the breaker off there is no current in the outlet string neutral wire so it's the same as if you put the voltmeter lead on the panel neutral bar, but without having to take off the panel cover.


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