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06electrainee 03-12-2009 10:34 PM

Vista 20 w/ 4285 phone module errors!
I am an trainee to be an 06 eletrician and have come across a problem that no one in my class, or instructer, can solve. I am currently programming / installing a Vista 20 for my classwork at Clover Park Tech College in WA.

Heres the problem; I have a 4285 phone module wired in and works as it is supposed to. To call through a phone i only need to use a 4 digit number since i am on a school campus and they are all just extention numbers. Now, every one in a while my panal will call out to the colleges phone operator (like every 5 minutes actually) My instructer, many students and myself have all gone through each step in the programming to see what the error could possibly be. We have found no errors in my programming. please help with why this may be happening and how we can fix it... the phone operator for the school is getting pissy with us, haha!

thanks again.

ps- im a 1st quarter student so go a little easy on the more advanced electriccal terms, thanks guys!!

rgsgww 03-13-2009 07:08 AM

It might just be a little buggy...I found this thread about problems with the 4284/4285 module and he had a solution...not sure if it applies to you.

Heres a copy of his solution

"Fixed!! In the event that someone might find this information helpful, here's what happened. I replaced the 4284/4285 voice module with a new 4286 voice module. This did not help; the same intermittent problem continued where the system sometimes would not pick up the phone when dialing in from off premises, or it would only pick up after a larger number of rings than programmed. Since installation of the 4286 did not fix the problem, obviously the 4284/4285 phone module was not the problem.

What finally fixed it was turning remote access off and on a few times with the Alpha keypad. (Master Security Code +# +9 +1) Apparently toggling it off and on a few times chased away the gremlins. Now the system again picks up exactly on the preprogrammed number of rings. (Anyone need a used voice module?)"

And I assume you have checked the wiring a few times, right?

Billy_Bob 03-13-2009 10:35 AM

The "test phones" phone repairmen use have a "monitor" setting where you connect to the phone line and can hear what is going on without the test phone being "off hook".

These phones are quite expensive, but I suppose there are other gadgets out there that would allow you to listen in to the phone line without being off-hook.

Anyway what can happen is that the system is dialing out. It picks up the phone and dials too fast before getting a dial tone. There may be a 0 in the number it is dialing and it just so happens when it gets the dial tone, it is in the process of dialing and the first number the phone system receives is a zero.

Or it may dial a partial number and this automatically goes to the operator.

Or maybe you need to dial 9 for an outside line and wait for a dialtone.

Some business/industrial phone systems are what is called "ground start" as opposed to "loop start". This is how it picks up the phone.

Anyway you may be able to get a ground start adapter or modify it for this. Or some dialers can be programmed to wait for dial-tone, dial 9, then wait for dial-tone again (before dialing). Or you can program in "pauses" to make it wait a few seconds before dialing, dial 9, them more "pauses" to wait some more before dialing the number.

A 1 second pause in the programming might be a #, *, or something else.

So a number to dial might look like: ###9###8005551212

This is just like you do on the phone. You pick it up and wait for dial-tone. Then dial 9 and again wait for dial-tone, then dial your number.

The key to troubleshooting this is to listen in to the line and hear what is happening.

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