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AnnieRee11 11-05-2012 12:00 AM

upstairs zap fried downstairs tv!!
just moved in, was setting up my tv upstairs (honey was downstairs watching the game on his tv... directv) I have cable (yes we have both). his tv, ps3, satellite set top box and one of my cable boxes are plugged into a large power surge protector downstairs. So Upstairs i had a small power surge strip which i plugged the new HD cable box, and the tv into. box had been on for about an hour downloading its stuff.. the TV however was off, and the HDMI was plugged in the back of the TV. I then proceeded to plug the other end into the box to complete the connection when ZAP sparks flew.. tv seems fine but male and female part on the box/hdmi cord are burnt. SCARED ME TO DEATH.. i mean it was smoking and everything! i come downstairs to figure out what to do and there was a bad bad plastic elecronic smell in the living room, the His tv and satellite receiver wont turn back on.. HDMI port on my TV is fine. What happened? why would the outlet upstairs fry the equip downstairs?? or was this just coincidence? :( needless to say.. mr man is NOT happy that i have fried his equip. thank god the ps3 survived.

oh'mike 11-05-2012 04:30 AM

Hire an electrician----this one will require a little knowledge of electrical system testing---

I believe a neutral may be loose on a branch circuit and created a 220 volt circuit----instead of the desired 110

AllanJ 11-05-2012 05:37 AM

We cannot rule out a problem or neutral problem or grounding problem in the circuit powering the cable company's equipment.

Problems of this kind are reduced if each television, audio-visual receiver, stereo component, DVD player, etc. is individually or daisy chain grounded with a separately run ground wire with a clamp to an input/output jack shell or a screw penetrating to the chassis. The far end of the ground wire is connected to a known ground.

Also, before hitching the incoming cable TV cable to the TV or cable box, check the voltage between the outer shell of the plug end and the outer shell of the jack on the TV (or cable box). Do the same voltage test between the plug shell end of the short cable between cable box and TV jack if applicable. Do not make the connection if you measure some voltage.

mpoulton 11-05-2012 11:17 AM

You clearly have a dangerous problem with your home's grounding system. It's hard to tell exactly what the problem is without more information, though. It's something along the lines of a hot/ground reversal or ground fault somewhere, combined with a lack of proper neutral-ground bonding. Definitely hire a good electrician to check out your whole system and fix the issues ASAP. This is a serious shock and fire hazard.

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