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juliejules4 12-03-2006 04:17 PM

Upgrading can lights to insulated?
Hi, I was reading the threads about canned lighting. We have a bunch of cans in our 13 year old house. Our electric bills (hot texas) are hideous. We upgraded part of our a/c, caulked around windows (outside, wood frame of our windows), insulated our a/c outlets and light switches. My A/C guy said to have our canned lights insulated. I don't know if he meant taken out and replaced with an insulated unit or what. One website recommended building a box around each can in the attic and using a lower watt bulb.

Here is my question(s):
1) can an electrician change out the housing or something to an insulated type (we have probably 20 or so cans, some are in a 2 stories high)...
2) if so, what will he install? any brand name you know of?
3) would this be an expensive fix?
4) is the box around the can the answer instead (the cans are hard to get to in my attic space and I have no clue how to get started if this is the method.

We are using those new efficient lights on all cans that don't have dimmers, but when you look into my attic space you can see the big space around the cans that is presumably sucking out our cool air into the hot attic. I am sure the lights are better and more efficient, i just know we need to do something about the housing and need to know what makes sense.

Can anyone help this gal in hot old Texas?! I am also going to inquire about my windows....i guess in the windows forum. Thanks in advance.

joed 12-03-2006 04:23 PM

Can light themselves do not come insulated. They come rated for insulation contact(IC) which allows you to cover them with insulation while insulating your whole attic.

juliejules4 12-03-2006 04:25 PM

more on my cans
thanks. so they are 13 years old which makes me wonder if they are rated allowing them to be covered up or if they have to all be repalced so they can be covered up. how can i tell?

thanks so much!

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