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Don't worry about the paper burning.
Worry about the toxic fumes the PVC jacket gives off when it burns.


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Originally Posted by SD515 View Post
Water itself in a pure(r) form is not very conductive. It's the contaminants that water may contain that become the conductive particles within water. 7 feet of water in a basement is surely to have 'foreign contaminants' that can be conductive, but apparently the concentration wasn't enough to create a low enough resistive path for the panel to short out.
This was interesting to me because my son's science project last year was on how different minerals affect the conductivity of water (an electrician's son doing an electrical science project.....go figure). Anyway, distilled water in of itself had a very low conductivity in comparison to distilled water that had been mixed with various minerals.

I once worked on a remote hydroelectric project that had it's own batch plant, quarry, and crusher plant. The quarry had many 480 volt discharge pumps in sump areas for getting rid of influent water. The combination starters for the pumps were above the sumps. We lost the power feed to a section of the pumps and they stopped, but the remainder of the pumps kept chugging happily on...with the starters under 10+ feed of water.
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I have found one of the biggest misconceptions, to the lay person and some electricians, is that water itself is a good conductor of electricity.
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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While scuba diving I have used a regular battery operated lantern for under water use!
Electrons prefer to take the path of least resistance back to its source. They don't scatter like dust blowing in the wind!

Now, where you get into trouble with electrons, is if you are the path of least resistance. If they flow through your body, it will only take a few milliamps to stop your heart. And not many more to poach the white corpuscles in your blood.

Electrons won't flow through distilled water either! The water must have contaminates, in order to pass along the electrons.
If the water in your flooded basement were as pure as distilled water, all you would have to do, would be to wait until all is dry.
Unfortunately, the contaminates are what will cause everything to corrode.
And this happens really fast!


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