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krazni 07-13-2010 01:02 PM

is UG conduit size change legal?
Can an underground conduit be changed in size without using a J-box?

OK, here's the big picture. I recently talked with a neighbor who had replaced their old mobile home with a new manufactured home. The old mobile had a 100A sub panel fed from a 200A-rated pedestal. The new manufactured home has a 200A panel. The breaker at the pedestal was increased from 100A to 200A -- no problem.

Then they had to increase their UG feeder size to the electrical panel in the new home. Technically the wire fits into the old 1 1/2" PCV conduit, but the stub from the manufactured home is 2". The electrical inspector told them that they could simply extend the existing conduit, and also told them that it was OK to use a reducing fitting in the trench to change up to a 2" PVC to run the rest of the way to the new home.

I've always thought that a J-box must be used to change conduit sizes. Am I wrong? I couldn't find anything specifying either way in the code book... I'm confused :(

dave53 07-13-2010 02:17 PM

What makes something "legal" is the authority having jurisdiction approving of it. Codes and interpretations vary. If the inspector approves, what's the problem? The conduit is plenty large.

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