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walt1122 04-12-2011 12:06 PM

two parts - sealtite and ext. cord usage
Hi all, I have a twofer.

1. Got this job dumped in my lap.
Lights located on top of stone column either side of gated community at gates not working .
I was asked to look at and make work.
a. control box for 120v and gate 12v wiring on own post.
b. sealtite used to supply 120v wire to lights on stone columns. It leaves box and is laying on ground for a distance of less that 3 feet until enters underside of column. is this allowed??

second question. The 120v wire they used in the sealtite to power the lights is orange 14A extension cord wire. What is code on this kind of thing. Shouldn't it be unsheathed stranded wire? and not in it's own sheathing (the orange cover)?? Isn't there someting about double wrapping? Can't run romex inside of conduit something like that, would that apply here?




Jim Port 04-12-2011 12:24 PM

The sealtight is subject to physical damage and would not be allowed to be used. Sealtight can be buried but needs to be labeled for direct burial.

The flex cord in the sealtight is also incorrect. Flex cord is for temporary usage.

walt1122 04-12-2011 01:04 PM

Thanks Jim, can I use sc 40 grey plastic instead or is this the same problem because of possible damage issues? How about rigid pipe is there such a thing as water proof connections and run EMT or something similar that would be hard to damage and code acceptable?

Is there such a thing as a code issue as not using a sheathed product like say romex in conduit. Just interested in knowing cause I thought years ago an inspector said something to this effect when I mentioned it to him.

If I can't get any way around it I wonder if there is anything to help convert to 12v and just put a transformer in to power some 12v lights instead of the 120v's? Do you know if they sell such a thing. I will have to check but I thought the sockets were candelebara sized screw-in lights. Should be able to get screw-in 12v no?



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