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tikicarver 01-24-2008 04:17 AM

turn main panel into a sub panel?
I need to add a new panel in my garage since I will be turning it into a workshop. I'm not sure on the best way to set it up.

Here is the situation:
Service comes in from an underground conduit to the meter in the garage. Then is goes to a small box with the main breaker (2 100amp breakers) From there it goes into another conduit and goes down to the basement to the breaker panel. Since I need to add several circuits in the garage, the best place for a new panel would be in the garage. I was thinking i could add the new panel and have it feed from the main breaker, then feed the existing panel off of the new one, therefore turning it into a sub panel. One problem I see with this option is the existing panel has a high load on it.(220v water heater, dryer , range, plus all other 120v circuits) I think there is a limit to the load a sub panel can have. Is that correct.

The other option would be to run a line from the existing panel back up to the garage and just install a sub panel there. That just seems a little silly since the power comes into the garage.Kind-of like running an extension cord down the hall to another room when you have an outlet right next to you.

arichard21 01-24-2008 06:07 AM

If you do run your existing panel as a sub, remember that the neutrals and grounds have to be seperate and the bonding strap between the 2 bars will have to be removed.

HouseHelper 01-24-2008 07:37 AM

If your main panel is fed from a main breaker next to the meter, then it should already be wired as a subpanel. It may be possible to replace this disconnect at the meter with a larger main service panel to feed the garage and the house panel.

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