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Trying to replace electric mower switch with normal light switch

Ok, I had to disassemble my Black and Decker electric lawn mower (mm550) switch and power apparatus because the switch had gone bad. I have an extra light switch in the garage, so I thought that I would just use that. The question becomes, however, how do I connect the wires?

Here is a picture of my setup. The mower cable is shown alongside the old push button switch. There are 4 wires coming from the mower. Orange, red, black, and white. The red, black, and white used to be connected to the old switch. The orange is connected to part of a male plug-end. The other part of that plug-end(connects mower to extension cord), you will see connected to the light switch. These two plug-ends will be the source of power.

I have connected some wires as you can see, but I really do not know what I am doing, so I stopped and decided to come here and see a) can this be done and b) if so, what wires should be connected where

I hate to throw this mower out. It is old, but still mows a great lawn. Many thanks for your help!

If the image doesn't work above, it can be found here:


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A 15A wall switch is supposed to be good for 13A if it switches a motor load. Can you post some mower spec's?


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It is a 12A mower. Does that help? 3.5 horsepower. Here is an image..

I suppose, I could just wire directly to a plug. Then when I plug in the extension cord, it cranks up. That is always an option. Not a safe one, but an option.

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The "light switch" in your photo sure looks a lot like a dimmer to me. DON'T use a dimmer on your lawn mower!

Also, most electric mowers have a switch you have to hold in the on position so if you run over your foot you will (presumably) let go and the mower will stop.

Lastly, you might be able to call sears and get the replacement switch for your mower.
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This looks scary,do yourself a favour and buy the proper switch.
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What is on the mower, is called a "Suicide" switch. That means that if you let go, it kills or commits suicide to the motor, so it is not running. One of those things that have to be standard now on mowers, due to too many people were sticking their hands under the deck to clear grass, while the unit was running.

Since it looks like you can not get the part through that second link, check the local mower shops, amazon, ebay.
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Originally Posted by Yoyizit View Post
A 15A wall switch is supposed to be good for 13A if it switches a motor load. Can you post some mower spec's?
A 15 amp switch is good for 15 amps...

I stand corrected, its good for 12.75 amps.


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