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themanmathias 11-15-2007 07:53 AM

Tripped fuse - but has it broken my light Switch?
Hi all,

Just bought my first house and been trying to do as much as I can, including fitting the odd light ceiling fitting. When I wired it up and turned the power on, it tripped my fuse for the downstairs lights. Fair enough, I checked my work and found I have made a wiring error, but when the fuse tripped it has affected the switch that turns on the light. It's a switch thats been in the house for a while and its a Crabtree chrome switch from B&Q. It will not physcially return to the off position, its like there is something there stopping it.

The wiring is now correct and when I turned the power on, the light is on (due to the swtich being stuck in the on position). Can anyone tell me whether this is some kind of safety device on the light switch, what is is that is blocking me turning it off and whether it is fixable?

Many thanks for your help in advance - I am stuck (with a light on)!



Stubbie 11-15-2007 09:59 AM

Just change the switch with a like one... be it 3-way switch or a normal single pole light switch. Most likely the massive fault current passing through the switch when you made your wiring error tripping the breaker welded the contacts in the on position.

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