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rcarbon 11-10-2012 01:23 PM

Transformer : 570V to 380 V, 3 Ph
I need to import Electrical Furnace from China, where its rated as 380V 3 Ph. Power : 80 Kw.

Available service transformer installed in my Brampton, Ontario is 30KV
570V/3Ph/60 Hz.

Please do let me know what type of transformer i will be requiring to run this furnace in Ontario.Canada.

micromind 11-10-2012 01:50 PM

Transformers need to be rated at least the load they supply. In this case, 80KVA would be the dead minimum. Anything smaller than that would burn up after a while.

A typical 3 industrial service in Canada would be 347/600 volts. So you'll need a 3 transformer with a 600 volt primary and a 380 volt secondary, and at least 80KVA. The next standard size up from 80KVA is 112.5KVA, but you might be able to find a drive isolation transformer that's a bit smaller.

The primary of the transformer should be delta, but wye will work. The secondary depends on the furnace. If it needs a neutral (4 wire) then the secondary must be wye. If it's 3 3 wire (no neutral) then either wye or delta will be ok.

80KW at 600 volts 3 is about 77 amps; make sure your service can handle this much power.

When buying a transformer, pay attention to shipping costs. A 12.5KVA transformer is heavy; somewhere around 700 - 1000 LBS.

Using autotransformers from 600 to 380 is usually not practical because of the voltage difference, but you might be able to find a used one that'll work. Autotransformers are about 1/2 the weight of others, but are more complex to connect.

Be careful here, the service is 60HZ and the furnace is most likely 50HZ. This will be fine for the heating elements, but if there's a motor or a control power transformer involved, it might not work on 60HZ.


mpoulton 11-10-2012 06:18 PM

An 80KVA transformer is not cheap. It may cost more than the furnace. If the furnace is set up to run on a 380V delta service, you may be able to easily reconfigure the heating elements to run on your 347/600V service in a wye configuration (line to neutral instead of line to line). You would see a slight decrease in heating power due to the small voltage difference. This would be much cheaper and easier than using a transformer, which is really only borderline practical for this application.

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