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imported_Phil 10-21-2004 09:06 AM

Transformer and 12v lighting
Any help with this would be appreciated:
in our kitchen we have quite a few of these low voltage sunken spot lights - fitted by a previous owner. recently 6 of the lights have stopped working in 2 groups of 3. the bulbs are fine (as they work in the other fittings), and i am wondering if the transformers have packed up. if so, is this common, can i do anything about it myself or would a call to an electrician be worthwhile? In addition acces to the ceiling space from the floor above could be tricky (it's tiled) so a fix via the holes made for the lights would be favourite!
thanks in advance

MgMopar 12-02-2004 12:58 PM

Depending on the style and brand of light the transformer may be mounted right at the ceiling pod itself. These may be able to be dropped threw the hole in the ceiling. I would first advise trying to find out information on the light units. Is their a brand and model number visible anywhere on the fixtures? You may be able to get info on the diagnostics and service direct from the manufacture. Yes, the transformers can crap out on 12 volt lighting. Did the lights go out in the groups the my have a remote transformer powering them in groups and it could be easier to access if located in an unfinished space of the home? I know more questions then answers, I hope I helps find yout a place to start.

imported_Phil 12-03-2004 03:27 AM

Thank you MgMopar!
Many thanks for your reply
coincident to your reply i was fitting a new carpet in the room adjacent to the problem tiled floor area and i decided to pull up the boards while the carpet was up. It turns out that the 12V lights are powered by remote transformers (3 lights per transformer) and that these were accessible from here. A quick trip to my local hardware store with a dead transformer, and 10 minutes with a screwdriver solved the problem

MgMopar 12-03-2004 06:13 AM


another DIY done.

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