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Electrical Contractor
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I agree with Speedy. Very well put and informative.
Welcome Mike.


"The problem isn't that Hillary Clinton lies. We all know she lies. The problem is that her supporters don't seem to care"
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The problem seems confusing but simple enough from reading your testimony I would have to say you have an open nuetral which is giving,showing you 240v at the panel but 120v devices dont work without ground but when 240 is drawn adds balance to single open legs,, my advise is quit spending money and call your power company problem most likely to be bad u.g. or in the nuetral connection in an old 60 amp meter base.. guess you can figure out where I work.
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three elect. said imposs...

I hope you took "X27R3's" advice about the ground or lack of. Don't waste your time calling your power co. Somewhere you've lost the your gnd, or you may have a loose buss.just curious... at home depot u can get an outlet tester (plug in type) for 5.00 , plug it in to one of the ploblem outlets and see what it does when the stove is on and off.. it should also tell you if you have a bad grnd.
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OK, so now an equipment repairman is a residential electrical troubleshooter?
x27r3 has no clue, "decertify electricians", "report to licensing boards", and telling folks just what to pay for work. Gounds???
PLEASE! He needs come backdown to earth.

This problem, which is more than a YEAR OLD, I'm sure has been resolved, and I'm sure it was NOT grounds but a problem with one of the phases or neutral in the service. About 6 electricians and a lineman on this board have concurred to this fact.

IMO x27r3's post is insulting. He is merely a disgrunteled homeowner who has all the answers about how folks should "deal with" contractors. He is the type of person I take pride in telling NO when asked to do a job.
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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I concur

I agree with you Speedy, the misuse of terminology in some of these posts. Hey Mike thanks also.
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dont make me laugh, playintennis5274 I would'nt expect any other answer than that. Just goes to show who we are dealing with Speedy, and Mike. Deal with this every day, by the way, make a remark like ya did on Generators and hope we never meet. It's people like you that make my job even more dangerous than it already is.. THANKS

By the way for your info there is an obvious nuetral problem to what you replied. what do you think is a better ground? The system nuetral I am reffering to or your pathetic ground rod you keep reffering to.. Little advice dont answer back. Ripping on Lineman just aint smart man. we know our job and can bury anyone when it comes to it about theory and troubleshooting.


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