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weekendwork 09-24-2005 12:25 AM

thinking about tring to get my license
hello i have been working around electricity for 10 years. i build electrical substations. i work around everything from 13kv. to 345.kv. lines i do all the control wiring in the sub. i also wired a freinds new home, all of it. i had an electrican come out and look at it. he said everything was up to par and that the main panel was the best looking and cleanest he had ever seen. i"m not ignorant of the stuff but i would however like to further my career in electricity. any help on the matter will be great thank you!!!!:)

jbfan 09-26-2005 07:30 AM

Depends on what state you are in. In GA you must have at least 5 years of recordable experince, with several different catagorys. You must then have 3 referances, and 1 must be a licensed person, holding the license that you will be taking the test for. If you check the with the state you will find the info that you need.

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