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JonMio 02-10-2012 03:17 PM

Thermostat issue, need help
OK, here is the issue I have. I have two zones for my heat/ac. I have an oil boiler, an a/c unit outside and what i believe to be hydro heat as well (there are copper pipes that run through the forced air portion of the blower).

One zone (main floor) has a nice programmable LUX thermostat. The upstairs zone has an old school dial thermostat that is obviously not programmable, causing over-usage or heat and/or A/C.

I opened up the thermostat upstairs and it has two main wires coming out of the wall. Attached to the thermostat were 3 wires, R, Y, W. The W and Y come from 1 larger wire and the R comes from the 2nd larger wire with two open wires taped off.

I am not sure how to connect the new LUX programmable thermostat. The 3 wires that were being utilized previously are labeled. The other 2 are not labeled. They are white and black in color. The R was red in color.

SO, I would like some assistance if anyone can help in trying to install this 2nd thermostat. I would like it if the upstairs zone was a completely separate zone. Right now i believe when you turn off the thermostat downstairs, it turns off the ability to use the "dial" thermostat upstairs.



gregzoll 02-10-2012 03:40 PM

If you want to find out if there are wires from the downstairs thermostat, to the upstairs, you are going to have to do a continuity test, or get a fox & hound set.

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