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Telephone wiring - I'm doing something incorrect

I'm doing something incorrect because I'm not getting dial tone after running cable and installing jacks.

I'm simply trying to extend the Comcast VOIP modem dial tone to an external structure. The cable currently leading to the phone has only two wires.

I ran 200 ft of 6 Wire, Stranded, Silver telephone cable I got from monoprice through conduit between the house and barn.

I tried both the RJ-12 110 Type 90 Keystone Jack

and the RJ-11/RJ-12 Tooless Keystone Jack

connecting only the middle two wires (red and green) and then tried connecting all 4 wires according to supplied diagram.

Am I doing this all wrong? If so, what should I change? The cable would be very difficult to change but jacks, etc are easy.


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There should be about 56vdc across those two wires if no one is calling you and all phones are on hook.


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You should only need to use the red & green wires for a single phone line, and they should go on the middle pins of the jack, Sounds like you got that part already, so you may just have a bad connection somewhere.

I'm not entirely sure that either of those jacks you show are really meant for stranded wire. Maybe try a couple of basic surface-mount modular jacks from the hardware store, with the screw terminals.
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Silver satin is used to make cables between the jack and phone, not for inside wiring and definitely not for outside underground wiring. Its not that sturdy and you may have damaged it in your 200' pull. Suggest you do a basic continuity test - at one end connect all 4 wires together and at the other end you should get 0 ohms between any two wires.
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Proper link is

That cable is not meant for long runs like that. Its more for making short patch cables. I'd guess the cable is your issue. 28AWG is pretty thin.

Your really want something with twisted pairs for a run that long. Cable like this would be much better.

Or if you ever intend on running a computer out there and want to future proof..

Anyone running less than CAT 5e right now for telephone isn't thinking of the future at all.

Using CAT5e for that distance should is probably the only way. I would run 2x runs out there in case you ever decide to put a computer/IP camera/backup storage/etc in your external structure. You said the cable was in a conduit, so it shouldn't be hard to pull.

Wire the CAT5e up with RJ45 jacks according to the colours that come with them. Test it with a computer if you can/wish. A normal telephone connector will plug right into the RJ45 jack and you can use it for telephone.
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Like the others have said I am guessing you either damaged the wire or it is way to long of a run for that small of a cable and if you are going through conduit underground you probably want to use the Cat5e that is rated for outside application it is a thicker insulation coat... the reason I say this is because encase which I am sure will happen condensation on the inside of the pipe will cause some water in there which a normal cable when being pulled you may risk damaging a real thin insulation. Anyways as for the whole pulling it through conduit my question is what else is in that conduit? You can't run Cat5 parallel and under or above a electrical line within I beleive it is 6inches or you run the risk of huge interference. I may be wrong but I beleive that is the normal consensus
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Good call.

This cable would be what he wants.


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