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Unregistered 11-18-2004 09:08 PM

Telephone line static without external filters installed
I just bought a new home. The phone line seems to have somekind of interferece with it. When I hook up my pole phone you can hear the distortion and static happening. All the phones plugged into the walljacks have a filter plugged into it first then the phone. Does anyone know how to or a way to narrow down on the static coming from the phone lines running in the house without using the filters. When the filters aren't used there seems to be a big static coming in on the line so bad that you can bearly hear anything else. Is there a way to get rid of the static? What causes it? bad ground perhaps?? What can I do.

Unregistered 11-19-2004 02:25 AM

The grounds for your electical service, phone, cable and/or satellite system should all be tied together. Problem could also be caused by phone wire running parallel and in close proximity to power cables.

Neil_K 11-20-2004 11:15 PM

I'd call the phone company. Better yet, start with your builder.

Teetorbilt 11-20-2004 11:41 PM

Neil's right, back to the GC first on a new home, he'll figure out if it's the phone co. or not (I doubt that it is). I'm still trying to figure out the filter thing, I'm thinking that someone was trying to patch a problem.
If the GC doesn't respond to your satisfaction let me know, this is the stuff that my wife does (BellSouth, Avaya, Lucent and on and on). I can get answers from their techs, I have to ask about the filters anyway as I install basic systems on yachts and this is need to know for me.

Unregistered 11-21-2004 07:54 AM

I'm sorry, When I said new home I meant new home to me. The house was built in 1928. The cordless phone, I'm sure has it's own noise filter built in but the some of the other phones don't. There was some small noise filters plugged into the jacks. I didn't use them at first until I plugged some of the phones in and heard the distortion louder then the dial tone. Then I plugged the filter in before the phone and it went away.

Teetorbilt 11-21-2004 12:38 PM

Plan A; Call the phone company and be certain that it is not their problem. If you're real nice to the tech he may help you isolate the problem in your house. A Jackson or two makes a great inducement.
Plan B; Ask around and you can most likely find a friend of a friend that works for the phone co. and does sidework.

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